The Geuzenbond was founded in March of 2018 by a group of young Dutchmen with the aim of bringing about change in the Netherlands. Since then we've only grown in size.


We welcome all Dutch people into our organisation, regardless of social or financial status or educational attainment. We only expect good behaviour and love for our nation and it's people.


We believe it's important to state that we define being Dutch by one's culture, native language, but also by one's ancestry. These three aspects of our identity are inseparably intertwined.


Preserving the Netherlands as a safe homeland for the Dutch people


The Netherlands is the only homeland we have. It is the place where we were born and the place where we will die. We are obligated to defend it and protect it from the threats, such as (mass) migration, our country is facing. Even in the darkest of times, our nation needs to unite to find solutions. We call upon every Dutchman and Dutchwoman to fulfill their duty to their country.

Defending and preserving the Dutch language


In the past years we have witnessed the erosion of our beloved language with great sadness. Many foreign words have found their way into the everyday use of our language and have put many of our own words out of use. We believe that our language, just as our history and culture, is an important part of our identity. Hence we see it as our duty to counter the slow destruction of our native language


Protecting our culture and history


History and culture are of great importance to us. Our rich history has made Dutchmen into who we are. Both history and culture are irreplaceable pieces of what it means to be Dutch. Which is why we deem them to be in need of protection.


The reunification of the Netherlands and Flanders


We do not see a distinction between the Flemish and Dutch peoples, rather we see them as one people, spread over two countries. We strive for the abolition of the artificial border between our people.

Dutch support for the Afrikaner people

We view the Afrikaners as a people closely related to the Dutch people. For this reason we believe the Netherlands should help the Afrikaner people and strengthen the cultural ties between Afrikaner communities and the Netherlands, as well as bring to light the terror of attacks on Afrikaners and white farmers.

What is important to us?

Countering the Americanisation of our culture


Americanisation is a worldwide phenomenon in which parts of the American culture are adopted by another culture. Cultural values and social norms that have never had a place in our country are now rooting themselves into our society. To combat this, we aim to promote our native culture's values at every possible opportunity. 

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