De Geuzenbond


Geuzenbond - Mouvement de jeunesse thioise

Geuzenbond - Mouvement de jeunesse thioise is a nationalist collective of young Flemish people from the Westhoek who all share the same great passion for Flanders and the Netherlands. We are committed to preserving our language and culture, and the future of our people.


What is the situation in Flanders at the moment?

The Flemings are proud of their region, but as mentioned, the centralization is getting stronger. There is a Jacobean tendency to erase our identity and replace it with a 'French' identity. Dutch language learning is declining, our traditions are being forgotten and they are importing people from abroad to replace our people. The French also imported a false identity "ch'tis" from Picardy. It is all to break the conviction of our people, because a people without conviction is a people that can be enslaved. But we are not "ch'tis" or French, we are Flemings!


What are our goals?

At a time of increasing centralization leading to the complete uprooting of the Flemish population from France, it is necessary to act and counter this phenomenon. We want the young Flemings in France to reconnect with their identity by learning about their culture, their tradition, their history and their language. Preserving and passing on the Flemish identity is essential in order not to sink into the decadence of the modern world. We want Flemish people to be proud to be Flemish and to be able to say it loud and clear.

In the spirit of a people's Europe, we reject the idea that the Westhoek belongs to the French state. Flanders is by nature a Dutch region, with its own language and identity. Throughout history, the Parisian Jacobins have always tried to limit and erase our identity. Even if Flanders were to become autonomous, it would only postpone the destruction of our culture. That is why we support a complete separation from France and a reunion with our Dutch brothers. This is the only way Flanders can thrive.

This is a call to all Flemings in France; you are not alone! We are the generation that can save Flanders today. We are Flemings, we speak Dutch and we are proud!

It's time to act!

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