Holland branch

Geuzenbond Holland is the third branch of the Geuzenbond and also the first new branch of 2020. The flag chosen by the branch is based on the Hollandic lion that was introduced in 1162 in the coat of arms of the Counts of Holland and since the split of Holland (between North and South) in 1840 lives on in the coat of arms of South Holland.


"Ever since the existence of the County of Holland, the region has been one of the most important in the Low Countries. Even after the unification of our homeland in 1581, the region was one of the most powerful in the Netherlands and has always used its power to keep the Netherlands free. It was the place where the Geuzen first came ashore to liberate the Netherlands, where the Plakkaat van Verlatinghe (Declaration of Independence) was signed and the place where William the Silent spent the last days of life. Even after the split of Holland in 1840, the region remains one of the cores of the Netherlands. Holland is characterized by its friendly, welcoming population and its many beautiful cities.


We should also not forget the countryside of Holland, which has long been dedicated to keeping its traditions alive, and the many local regions of Holland. The language, culture, heroes and trading cities of West Frisia, far beyond the Randstad,nfor example are a less well-known aspect of Holland.




Many patriotic Dutch people from outside of Holland will easily judge the region, based largely on what is happening in The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Yet this is not a true and fair reflection of Holland and its inhabitants. Although Holland suffers from the yoke of modernism and self-hatred, a large part of its population remains loyal to their culture, traditions and history.


Geuzenbond Holland regards the region as the political battlefield for the Northern Netherlands and its future. Our goal is to bring patriotic Hollanders together to support each other in the midst of a mostly hostile environment and to fight the current situation in which Holland finds itself. "